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Where are you located?

Way down yonder and then turn right. We are located at 6641 Union Point Highway, Union Point, Georgia. An hour and a half from ATL, an hour from Augusta, 45 minutes from Athens (Go Dawgs), and just over 20 minutes from Lake Oconee. 

Are you LGBTQ+ friendly?

Well two members of our team are gay and married to each other so....yeah, we are. #loveislove

What's the rain plan?

Pray. Just kidding! Our reception barn offers the perfect solution to less-than-desirable weather. If needed, we can have your ceremony inside the barn with the meadow as your backdrop. Some couples choose to do this even without the rain! Your guests can sit at their tables or we can create an aisle. Feel free to rent a tent to cover our patio area if you wish. We can fit 30x30 ft or 30x50 ft tents. Check out our vendor list for rental options.

Can I bring my dog?

Sure! But they can't spend the night and have to stay outside of any buildings. Also, we will be needing a picture of them posing in a bow tie.

What is your alcohol policy?

For beer and wine, you must have a bartender. No self-serving! For liquor, you have to have a licensed bartender and a security guard on property. Kegs must be kept outside on the barn porch or patio. Guests cannot have their own bottles of liquor. The Corry House is not responsible for serving alcohol or alcohol consumption. Please see our contract for more info. 

What time does the party have to stop?

Music is off by 11:00pm. Everyone has to be out of the reception barn and lights are turned off at midnight. Guests that are not staying on the property the night of the wedding have to be packed and gone by midnight. Guests staying on the property must leave by 10:00am the following morning. 

Who handles set up? Who handles cleanup? What about the trash?

We will have your table and chairs set up when you arrive according to the layout you want. We will also break the tables and chairs down after your wedding. You are responsible for packing up everything that you want to take home. We will dispose of anything that is left. Our team will take care of the trash. See our check-out instructions for more info!

Do I have to rent chairs? do you have tablecloths?

Your rental includes use of our tables and chairs. We have sixteen 60-inch round tables, twelve 6-ft rectangle tables, ten 8-ft rectangle tables, two 4-ft rectangle tables, and 175 chairs. Feel free to rent more if needed. We do not have tablecloths. To see what rentals The Corry House offers, check out our extras page.

How many guests can you accomodate?

As an outdoor venue sitting on 500 acres, we like to say that your guest list is unlimited. However, most of our wedding parties range between 125-175 guests. Both of our wedding sites can hold 200 people. The barn starts to get tight around 160, but with an outdoor patio and space for a tent, there is room for everyone on your list.

What should my guests wear?

Whatever makes them comfortable! But really, wear comfortable shoes. Both of our wedding sites require a bit of a walk. High heels are not recommended. Other than that, stick to the desired wedding dress code.

Can i use my own vendors?

Of course! Feel free to bring them to the venue for a tour! However if you do need suggestions, check out our recommended vendor list!

What additional services do you offer?

While you are NOT required to use us for anything beyond your venue, we would love to offer you our services in other areas, too. For more information on coordination, florals, ice, and more, check out our extras page.

Where will my guests sleep?

Overnight accommodation for eighteen people is included in your rental of The Corry House. This includes three queen beds and two full beds in the main house as well as one full bed, two twin beds, and two pull-out sofas in the upper level of the carriage house. Additional overnight accommodation for up to twelve people is available by booking our three cabins (two queen beds each). Click here for more info on the cabins. Information about hotels in the area is on our recommended vendor page.

Can i have fireworks?

Nope. The Corry House sits right in the middle of a pine tree farm. Plus, a house built in the 1860s would go up like a match. While we are talking about this, no building fires in the fireplaces of the house either. But you can have a fire in the designated fire pit. Firewood is included! Just make sure you put the fire out before bed.

What are the rules regarding decorations?

You can use candles as long as there is something to catch the wax. No nails, tape, tacks, or command hooks on the walls. Also no confetti or seeds or fake flower petals can be thrown on the ground. Please see our contract for more info.

Do you have ice?

Yes! We have ice available for purchase. $2 per 10-lb bag or $50 per trough. We will ice your drinks for you. We can also provide you with a cooler full of ice for $22. See our extras page for more info.

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